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In 2001, Systems for Public Safety, Inc. started out as a one-man operation addressing the needs of local law enforcement officers around the South Sound. Simple emergency equipment and mechanical repairs turned into outfitting whole cars and the business quickly began to expand. One of the most unique features of SPS is our service offerings. We are not only an Upfitter but a full-service facility. We offer full service mechanical and can facilitate window tinting, graphic application, detailing and transportation.

Now in our fourth facility and a staff of over 25, we produce vehicles for all sorts of uses from line patrol cars to command trucks and special use vehicles. We continue to grow and expand our offerings so that we can better serve the law enforcement and fire agencies of the Pacific Northwest.

What hasn’t changed about SPS is our focus: providing a stress free, hassle free, quality installation while maintaining a safe, high performance vehicle.


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SPS has always strived to provide its customer with the best combination of products to keep its clients moving. In 2010 we started a Crown Victoria refurbish program that gave new life to the staple cruiser until Ford production stopped in February 2011. The refurbished vehicles donned upgraded sway bars, end links, springs, wheels, a new engine and/or transmission as needed and a cold air intake. They were fierce and could be heard from miles away.

As time rolled on, a new trend in first responder vehicles emerged, technology. SPS continually monitors the market, seeking the best in technology and power management. In cars today, there are almost always multiple systems present like in car video, gps, fuel management, moving radar, etc. We know you are counting on all of these systems to work when you need them and we’re here to make sure that happens.

Our Staff

Many of our team members have personal connections to first responders before finding themselves here at SPS. Once you get settled in, one finds that WE adopt first responders into the SPS family! The staff at Systems for Public Safety, Inc. cares deeply about the work they do and who they do it for; our men and women in blue and red!

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